ALFE is in the north of Spain, close to Bilbao, a European city with a proud technological and industrial tradition and renowned for many decades for producing high quality tooling used around the world.

The ALFE company was founded in 1940, with the opening of its facilities in Bilbao (Biscay)

The growth of ALFE Cutting to date includes the diversification, expansion, and improvement of its products, increased ties to other sectors, improved and personalized services to offer tailor-made solutions, and innovation so as to continue making sustainable progress.

With a proven track record, deep experience acquired by its team of qualified professionals, and constant evolution, ALFE Cutting is perfectly prepared to face future challenges, as it remains committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers, rigorously adhering to their requirements.

The main customers of ALFE Cutting are in sectors like metal, lumber, paper, packaging and recycling, primarily in Europe and North and South America.

ALFE Cutting is committed to forging lasting relationships with its customers, which is why its policies revolve around four primary pillars: excellent service, minimum turn-around time, high quality, and the ability to personalize both services and products in response to specific needs. ALFE Cutting is also strongly committed to innovation and continuous improvement, which represent important parts of its activity.