The company´s history


Start of activity under the name Manufacturas ALFE at the facility in Bilbao (Biscay).


The company moved to a new facility in Derio (Biscay), where it expanded into new product areas by purchasing new, more versatile and higher capacity machinery to respond to customers’ demands and to the requirements of a constantly changing market.


Latest stage in the transformation of Manufacturas ALFE with another move, this time to the town of Artea (Biscay), where considerable work was done to expand the facility’s usable surface area to 77,500 sq. ft (7200m²).


The company started applying basic PVD coatings to improve the performance of blades in demanding operating conditions.


Manufacturas ALFE was acquired by the WOLCO Group (renowned company in the Basque Country that makes cutting tools) and renamed to ALFE Cutting.


ALFE Cutting started to incorporate cutting-edge powder metallurgy steels and PVD coatings tailored to new market demands, focusing on the automotive sector.

New machinery purchased for the shop to achieve better surface finishes with stricter tolerances.